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Logan City Voting Districts

It is indeed good to see that the City Council has formed a group to study this issue. 

Logan City currently selects their Municipal Council members without regard to the area or district in which they live. 

This means that to run for the Logan Municipal Council you need to be fairly well off. It costs roughly $5,000 to run a city wide campaign. This could explain why historically less than 10% of all Council Seats have come from the west side.

If the city is truly interested in Equal Representation we feel this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Emporiam Block

"Logan Residents Fill City Hall to discuss plans for Emporium Block."

See the different plans as well as a video of the meeting at LoganCity.org.

As uninvolved bystanders attending a meeting on this subject for the first time we found it very interesting as to the apparent animosity from someone called "George" and the way he kept wanting to challenge the city attorney to a Court Battle.
He then went on to challenge the city Finance Director on how the books are kept. Logan City's Director of Finance is a C.P.A. and there are certan rules a public entity must follow as to how the books are kept. And, as a C.P.A., he will not risk loosing his license by playing the kinds of creative bookkeeping that "George" seemed to advocate.
The City Attorney eventually did say that "Yes, this will have to be litigated."
Watch the video above on the city link.

Why so much animosity from "George?" Why is he looking for a fight? Does he stand to benefit financially in this matter?

We'll keep watching but to the average layman looking at this issue from the outside, it would be quite clear that the City's Proposal has the most merit. 

Logan Library Push

Why such a big push for a New Logan Library when U.S. Library Usage, even our own usage is Declining?
The projected costs for a new Library are getting just a little crazy with last quoted figures roughly $18,500,000, but that's not stoping the Library propoents from digging in.

We have been asking the question of why the push for some time. There is a group pushing for a new library at taxpayer expense regardless of the continually mounting costs or warnings on the Horizon.

In council meetings the figure of 600 Library visitors a day keeps coming up and we kept asking for the source of this figure. We finally have the answer and we see why nobody would cite the source. It's our own "Logan Library Trends" report where everyone omits the facts about a steady decline since 2010

In fact, there is a good example just to the South. Ask Hyrum City residents how they enjoy the extra tax burden for their new library.

Click Here to View the Report

The Logan City Library downward trend in usage dovetails in with what's going on around the country...

“It's very serious. The shrinkage of public libraries has been brutal despite receiving more than 200 million visits a year. CILIP says up to 10,000 librarians have gone since 2010."
Chartered Insitute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)

Proponents of the Library cite a new PEW Research study that states: 76 percent of Americans say that libraries well serve the needs of their community and 78 percent of Americans approve of them.
BUT, the part of that study they leave off is this...
"Yet on the other hand, fewer and fewer Americans are using the institutions every year. In the 12 months before the most recent Pew survey was given, only 44 percent of Americans visited a local library or bookmobile. Three years earlier 53 percent of Americans had visited a library or bookmobile."
PEW Research

"Library usaage falls nearly 30% since 2005."
The Bookseller, Feb 2017.

"By FY 2013, physical visits had decreased by 8.2% from the peak in FY 2009 while circulation declined by 3.6% from its peak in FY 2010. Use of the library’s computers decreased by 9.2% from FY 2010. Revenue trended downward, too."
The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)

"Almost 350 libraries have been shut in the last six years, with nearly 8,000 jobs lost – a quarter of the workforce, figures reveal."
Wikipedia, Mar. 28, 2016

Folks, we could keep going but we need to again ask, Why this Push when the facts are so clear?

Think about something...

For what they intend to spend on a new library, city officials could purchase Laptops for Every Citizen in Cache County along with 5 years of High Speed Internet, and still have money left over.

We now know why this issue will never be put on a ballot.
Given a choice, which do you think citizens will want, option A just above or option B, a tax increase?

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