Election Alert

We are just days away from the most important election in our Lifetime!

We MUST get out the vote.

> Talk to your Friends, make sure they vote.
> Talk to your Neighbors.

> Talk to everyone you know.

Countdown to the Elections

Get the Facts, Get Registered. Vote.Utah.gov

2020/06/30 -   Vote.utah.gov

UTAH, we have some Critical Races that WILL determine our future.
Note the candidates at the bottom of this page

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of this election.

  • Burgess Owens lays it out in his speech below at the Republican National Convention.
  • Note AmericaInTrouble just below. There are some Critical Videos there you Must See.

Burgess Owens
U.S. Congress

This race is currently a toss-up. The McAdams campaign is spending Millions of Dollars in negative ads, funded by our friend Nancy Pelosi. 
Are you as sick as we are of the attack ads? Come on Ben, why not tell us about your record and not just run attack ads?

Blake Moore
U.S. Congress

Blake brings a truly unique perspective in that he has served our country in various roles in Washington DC and abroad, including as a Foreign Service Officer working closely with all branches of government, intelligence and military. As a board member for the Utah Adoption Exchange he was recently appointed as co-chair to help develop the next generation of Chamber of Commerce leaders. 

Chris Stewart
U.S. Congress

Chris is one of President Trump's strongest allies in that swamp we call Washington.
Go to his site, see his views on numerous issues and once you do, we are confident you will realize we need to keep Chris in Washington.

John Curtis
U.S. Congress

Another of our Presidents allies, Rep. Curtis has been a True Champion for Utah. He's done a LOT in a short period of time, just watch the video.

Joe's Lies Exposed