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2020/06/30 -   Vote.utah.giv

UTAH, we have some Critical Races that WILL determine our future, note the candidates at the bottom of this page

But here is a KEY POINT.
Joh Huntsman MUST be elected as our Next Governor.

  • He is the ONLY candidate that TRULY supports and understands the Small Business community.
  • We reached out to each campaign concerning and support for small business, but ONLY the Huntsman Campaign responded.
  • In fact, they not only got back to us, they are a Supporter of the effort.
  • Jon Huntsman doesn't just give lip service to supportinig the business community, like the other candidates do, he has a plan, he truly understands business and he's Already Doing it.
  • Jon is the ONLY CANDIDATE capable of leading us forward to not only Recover but to Prosper.

As you compare and listen to the candidates, it becomes quite clear that Jon Huntsman needs to be in the Governors office.

Case in point,  at a recent forum below.

Here is   as sponsored by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce.
The difference is quite clear. Go ahead, move around and listen to the others, then at 17:43 and at 30:00 hear from Jon.
There are several examples, like at 48:00 and 1:08:20,
 but at 1:17:45 he tells it like it is, and at 1:31:00 he sums it all up. 

Kim Coleman
U.S. Congress

Clearly the Best Choice.
We have vetted the candidates before, during and after the state convention and Kim is the Clear Choice.
If you want to know why just watch her video.
She is the ONLY candidate with a Proven Conservative record.
President Trump's Economic Advisor sure thinks so.

Blake Moore
U.S. Congress

Blake brings a truly unique perspective in that he has served our country in various roles in Washington DC and abroad, including as a Foreign Service Officer working closely with all branches of government, intelligence and military. As a board member for the Utah Adoption Exchange he was recently appointed as co-chair to help develop the next generation of Chamber of Commerce leaders. 

Chris Stewart
U.S. Congress

Chris is one of President Trump's strongest allies in that swamp we call Washington.
Go to his site, see his views on numerous issues and once you do, we are confident you will realize we need to keep Chris in Washington.

John Curtis
U.S. Congress

Another of our Presidents allies, Rep. Curtis has been a True Champion for Utah. He's done a LOT in a short period of time, just watch the video.